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Great team! Very impressed with Doctor Hanson and his office. Started out going there and getting a full body massage from one of the therapists and she was great. They have a very nice massage room and atmosphere. I saw the doc a couple weeks later and he was very thorough and finally explained why my back has been bothering me for so long. He fixed me up real nice and I have to say I am doing great! Would recommend to family, friends, loved ones, and strangers for that matter. Thanks Guys!

I found it interesting the amount of Chiropractic offices in the Treasure Valley not to mention a slew of dentists for that matter. Point being I had a hard time choosing who to go to and why. I narrowed it down between a few offices and after reviewing websites and reviews online (which is why I decided to write this review to help others choose a good doctor) I finally made a choice to see 360 Chiropractic Wellness.

I met with Dr. Hanson on my first visit. He was very helpful and informative about Chiropractic and my condition and was confident he could help. I went ahead with treatment and obviously I am glad I did. I went through a series of treatments and realized he was more focused in treating my condition causing the pain rather than just looking for a quick pain killer to mask it. The relief was slow at first but I expected that, as he mentioned it would most likely be given my condition. I have had chronic problems over the last 10 or 12 years and my past treatment was always chasing the pain and never really
addressing the issue. So my pain would seem to come back often and I would have to get adjusted or take some pain meds to have any relief. Dr. Hanson explained the importance of addressing the cause of pain and suggested we work on that rather than blindly adjusting me and having me come back just when it hurts. It turns out I had degeneration is my spine causing the discs to thin or compress over time and this was causing abnormal movement and the joints weren't moving properly. So he
provided me with decompression to the spine with adjusting and WOW what a difference. I am so pleased I referred a couple other ladies in my church group over and they have been seeing great results too. If you have ever had severe pain you know how limiting it can be to your life, and I am doing great!! Thanks so much for giving me my life back. I am glad to say that I have been pain free for over 7 months. I am a big fan.

Great Doc! I have the utmost regards for Doctor Hanson and 360 Chiropractic Wellness staff. I have been so pleased with the amount of care and thoughtfulness they have given me. I am an older gentleman and having been around awhile I have learned to appreciate know how and personal care from my doctors. All chiropractors have some variations to how they adjust and how they treat conditions just like going to my family practice doctors, they all operate a little different. Recently moving to Idaho from out of state I was a little apprehensive about establishing a new network of doctors, but I will have to admit I feel more comfortable and feel like and am getting better care at 360 Chiropractic Wellness than I did at my last Chiropractor's office and I saw him for over 10 years. The decompression machine Dr. Hanson uses is so beneficial for my back and neck. It really helps with the arthritis I have in my spine. It has helped me feel 20 years younger.

Come to this place to feel amazing!! I really wanted to thank everyone at 360 Chiropractic Wellness in Meridian for all of their help. Dr. Hanson is amazing with his treatment. A gentle adjuster and a good listener. I hate going to doctors where they rush you in and rush you out like they have never heard a thing you say. I had a few questions and concerns and was a little hesitant to even bring them up but I did and he was very helpful as was his assistants. They offer some really cool hi-tech treatment that really helped the pinching in my lower back. I was starting to feel a lot older than I am, now I am able to move freely again. I thought I had a bulging disc with sciatica and he showed me what was going on and why I have been feel so rough. I have since referred a couple close friends to him that already had a chiropractor they were seeing previously but they went to him and have all had excellent things to say about how they have helped more than anything else. Thanks again guys, You are amazing.

I want everyone to know if you are thinking about getting your back fixed up Dr. Hanson is they guy to go to. I am not a fan of doctors in general, i just don't like to go but I couldn't resist any longer. My back hurt, I couldn't hardly walk or stand, working was a pain in the butt literally. My wife made me an appointment and now I am so glad she did. 360 Chiropractic Wellness thank you so much for helping me get back together. I can work now and still play with my kids when I get home all without pain or meds like before. Thanks again guys you rock!!

I have received such thoughtful and careful treatment through 360 Chiro! The staff is amazing and is always willing to work around my busy schedule! They are extremely family friendly and allow me to bring my little ones along for my adjustment. They even have a children's area for them to play. Dr. Hansen has helped me through adjustments in my last pregnancy, after a car accident, and with the normal aches and pains that come along with being a mom of 4 busy boys. I can't say enough about this company. I would recommend 360 chiropractic to everyone!

I have been seen by dozens of Chiropractors over the years, and none of them have ever explained what was causing my pain and what was it going to take to reverse the problem so I could feel healthy again, until I met Dr. Jared Hanson at 360 Chiropractic Wellness in Meridian.I have had one problem in particular near the right side of my back around my shoulder blade. I always assumed it had to do with other medical problems that I have. I’ve had x-rays, sonograms, and an MRI taken of it, and not one M.D. could tell me what was causing me pain. Dr. Hanson at 360 Chiropractic Wellness took a close look at my x-rays, explained a treatment plan made just for me, and now I’m on the road to a healthier me. Thanks you so much, you and your staff are so helpful and friendly, I feel very welcome when I walk in the door. Your grateful patient, Judy T.-Meridian

I just wanted to tell Dr. Hanson and his staff over at 360 Chiropractic Wellness in Meridian that they are the best. I really appreciate the kind service and the time they spend with me to assist with my spinal condition. I have had pain for many years and have always suffered with back pain and pain and numbness in my leg. You have helped me so much I cannot thank you enough. I really liked from the get go how Dr. Hanson took the time to sit down and actually show me my x-rays and explain to me why I hurt. I have been pain free for 6 months now and I am telling you it is fantastic. 360 Chiropractic Wellness is a clean new office. They make everyone feel like family. Dr. Hanson has a lot of new equipment that has really helped that no other doctor has ever used before on me. Thanks again guys!! Jenn K.- Boise

I have received such thoughtful and careful treatment through 360 Chiro! The staff is amazing and is always willing to work around my busy schedule! They are extremely family friendly and allow me to bring my little ones along for my adjustment. They even have a children's area for them to play. Dr. Hanson has helped me through adjustments in my last pregnancy, after a car accident, and with the normal aches and pains that come along with being a mom of 4 busy boys. I can't say enough about this company. I would recommend 360 chiropractic to everyone! Mariah- Meridian

I was a little concerned about being adjusted as it was my first time. I looked at a number of websites and reviews and decided to give Dr. Jared Hanson at 360 Chiropractic Wellness a try. He took extra time to explain and make me feel comfortable with the treatment. I have never been to a doctor that took the time to make sure he helped me. The exam was very thorough and he really knows my condition and how to help. He is up to date on the newest treatments and technology, decompression worked wonders for me. I have no pain anymore!! Thanks so much. Natalie- Meridian

When I started with 360 Chiropractic Wellness my back was stiff and hurt to bend over. I also had difficulty getting out of bed. If I did outside work, flowers, trimming I was down for at least 24 hours. After going to 360 Chiropractic Wellness I can honestly say I’m more mobile and have very little stiffness or discomfort doing the things I mentioned above.

The staff at 360 Chiropractic Wellness, Dr. Jared Hanson and his assistant Amanda are friendly and very professional, they are also concerned about you and helping you with your problems. I’m glad that I received care with such professional people and will continue. Diane - Boise

It was the first time in all the years of going to Chiropractors that I felt like it made a difference and the only one who explained what the problem was and what needed to be done to fix it. It made me stop seeing my other chiropractor because I realized he was not doing anything. After my adjustment and treatment I didn’t have pain, I could see my allergies cleared up and I had more energy, I was truly amazed. Shirlee – Pocatello

I decided to visit 360 Chiropractic Wellness after reading another patient’s “Testimonial” on the internet, and I agree with everything said. The office is clean and pleasant. The office staff is very friendly, efficient and attentive. Dr. Hanson is young and personable. He’s up to date on my progress of each visit and is willing to address any question or need I may have. I have never felt him to be rushed or distracted while evaluating/adjusting me. I’ve been in treatment with Dr. Hanson for only 2 weeks but I can feel relief and progress after each visit, and I look forward to each visit. My thanks to each member of this team. Myra– Caldwell

360 Chiropractic has been such a blessing in my life. I’ve been seeing Jared for over a year and my back has been the best it has ever been in years. I have much more mobility in my neck and lower back. The treatment plan he established for my problems did the job. It is always a pleasure to come to 360 Chiropractic and have Dr. Jared, Amanda and Codi to greet me. Vicki –Boise

Throughout all four of my pregnancies, I had severe lower back pain, which made walking, sitting, and lying extremely difficult. While under the care of a physical therapist, I would feel good for a day or so and then the pain would return, because the physical therapist only treated the pain and not the cause of the pain. As it turned out, the natural shifting of the pelvis during pregnancy caused my legs to be different lengths, which was causing the lower back pain. So, during my 4th pregnancy, I received regular chiropractic adjustments, which allowed me to walk and keep up with my three older children relatively pain free. Sandi- Eagle

When I arrived at Jared Hanson’s office for x-rays and consultation I was in much pain. My back was in dire straits. I had been to two medical physicians, my blood pressure was up. I couldn’t sleep without prescriptions. Each day I was greeted with a special treatment and I was on the road to recovery. The staff was exceptional and friendly. After three months I felt I was special and ready to live life again. Amanda and Codi worked together with Dr. Jared so well I feel like family. Verna- Boise

I have been to many other Chiropractors in the past. Some have helped others not as much. When I first started care here I was a bit skeptical that anything would be different. I hate to be wrong as you know, but in this case I was. I have had the best experience in your office. You have helped me not only feel better with my aches and pains, but I also got relief from some digestion issues I was having as well. Your staff is great and I will refer anyone I can to your office. Thanks again!! Laura -Meridian

I was in a car accident a few days before coming in. I thought after the accident that I was okay because I didn't have to go to the hospital but a few days later I was in so much pain. Your office was very easy to find and your receptionist got me right in on my lunch hour. I appreciate so much what you have been able to help me with. I didn't realize how many issues I had from the whiplash and pains in my arms but I feel so much better now. James- Meridian

When I first came into the office my back was sensitive to certain motions. My back muscles would tweak and would limit my activities like playing on the floor with my son. After one adjustment I was completely amazed because I had little to no pain at first and then no pain in my back after a few hours, I had more energy too. That was the most exciting part to me. So, one adjustment gave me energy and I was pain free--completely phenomenal. Valerie - Meridian

I first came to 360 Chiropractic for neck, shoulder and back pain. I have a significant decrease in pain in all of these areas now. I believe these Chiropractic Adjustments and massage has helped improve my condition. Dr. Hanson, Codi, and Amanda make my visit an enjoyable experience. With each visit at 360 Chiropractic I have improved results. Dr. Hanson always listens to my concerns. Pat – Boise

I have been to many different Chiropractors in the past years in California where I moved from and have always had great results. However coming here was a whole different experience for me from the very first time I walked into your office. It is so calming and relaxing. The staff is very friendly and personable, I didn’t feel like just a number. I had never experienced decompression therapy prior to your office, but I must say doing that with my adjustments has done more for me than anything else I have tried. Thanks again for helping me live better again. Cindy- Kuna

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